Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy and Prosperous New we come!

I have really neglected this blog...I can only blame myself and the rich, fruitful holiday season we had here at home. It was busy, crazy, lovely and fantastic and now on to conquer 2010! I can only see bigger and better things on the horizon. Not only are my husband and I looking to start a family and build a house, I can confidently say the Busch Pet Products business is growing and evolving...both in the petsitting and products areas.

First, we picked up a line of dry dog food. I was hesitant at first. I knew some, but not much, when it came to kibble. I did know certain brands of dog food were NOT good (I won't point fingers or name names), but finding a food to fit my area and demographic seemed like a monumental task.

Lucky for me, I've made some fabulous friends and contacts during my time on the road in St. Louis selling Miss Autumn's Barkery Organics dog food. Two of my favorite stores, Muddpuppies in O'Fallon and Pets in the City in Soulard, have been true mentors for me! They make me want my own physical store NOW! They helped me in deciphering what's out there and what my customers may like. I finally settled on the NutriSource company. They make NutriSource, Pure Vita, and Natural Planet Organics. I like their company (Minnesota, one plant, all ingredients made in USA) and their products (three levels, three price points, lots of flavors). Check them out here As I find more customers who are looking for the products in my area (apparently I am the ONLY one in southeast Missouri who carries the company's products), I am building a solid customer base.

I probably won't add much more dry food until I get a physical store. In the meantime, I am working to add more local customers who have chosen to feed NutriSource and Pure Vita, as well as Natural Planet Organics. I wouldn't be selling the products if I didn't like the company!