Sunday, November 8, 2009

Print catalog

So, after my ad ran in Star Magazine, I got several requests for a print catalog. Frankly, I hadn't considered a print catalog since I first decided to open the website. So...after getting several phone calls and finding out that everyone does NOT have internet, I'm putting together a catalog.

Let me tell you, this is a lost art! In today's world of computers and the internet, I'm struggling to get this thing done. I don't lack the know-how, "talent" or the software, but I want to be sure that this catalog is as good as the website! No easy task! I do have most of the write-ups ready to go, now on to the photos and then...duh duh dum...the printing. That will cost me some dough. I'm hoping I can find a local place who will help. Staples will gladly charge me 49 cents for color copies, one-sided, and I found a local printing company that will charge 39 cents for the same. I even thought about finding an online printing company. I just want it to look good, but be reasonable on my shrinking pocketbook! *Isn't that the way of the world?

I'm cautiously optimistic about a catalog. I think it may be a good way to reach a different audience. I also thought about leaving a copy at each of the vet's offices here in town, in hopes of tapping into my local customers.

We shall see!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Frustrations and not enough hours in the day

I have always been a person who wants something yesterday...that definitely holds true with my learning of how to use QuickBooks. I know, I know, "It's so easy!" they say, but I am having the darnedest time figuring the whole thing out. I'm sure I'll look back on all of it and think, "If I had only been patient..." but why should I be?

I also just joined the PIR...Pet Industry Retailers group. I was recommended to the group by Amy, who owns Pets in the City in STL ( I think it will be a good thing for me. I can ask questions and learn from established business owners.

I've been trying so hard to cultivate my Facebook fans, but it seems that since FB changed a couple things around, the lemings have revolted. FB has a way of doing that every so often and the fans and followers and what not all think it is so they form groups. I get it, I know, but I want my fans to stay with my page!

With the time change, I am hoping for some much needed time to work on the business. I was sick all last week with a nasty stomach bug and eve though mentally I was in pretty good shape, physically I had no energy to do all those things I want (and need) to do to keep my site in peoples' minds for the upcoming holiday season.

Definitely been a trying day. I'll take some deep breaths and see where that gets me. Until later!