Monday, November 2, 2009

Frustrations and not enough hours in the day

I have always been a person who wants something yesterday...that definitely holds true with my learning of how to use QuickBooks. I know, I know, "It's so easy!" they say, but I am having the darnedest time figuring the whole thing out. I'm sure I'll look back on all of it and think, "If I had only been patient..." but why should I be?

I also just joined the PIR...Pet Industry Retailers group. I was recommended to the group by Amy, who owns Pets in the City in STL ( I think it will be a good thing for me. I can ask questions and learn from established business owners.

I've been trying so hard to cultivate my Facebook fans, but it seems that since FB changed a couple things around, the lemings have revolted. FB has a way of doing that every so often and the fans and followers and what not all think it is so they form groups. I get it, I know, but I want my fans to stay with my page!

With the time change, I am hoping for some much needed time to work on the business. I was sick all last week with a nasty stomach bug and eve though mentally I was in pretty good shape, physically I had no energy to do all those things I want (and need) to do to keep my site in peoples' minds for the upcoming holiday season.

Definitely been a trying day. I'll take some deep breaths and see where that gets me. Until later!

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