Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween is a fun time for humans, but it can be SPOOKY for your pet!  
Here are some ways to keep it fun and safe for your furry friends!
Halloween is a fun tradition for humans, but it is important to remember a few Halloween safety tips to keep your pets happy, healthy and safe.  With just a bit of planning on your part, you and your pet can have a fun holiday!
Sweets are a No-No for Fido
While we are okay indulging in a little bit of chocolate therapy around the Halloween holiday, chocolate can be deadly for both dogs and cats.  The plastic and tin wrappers can also be very harmful if swallowed.  Make sure to keep all the sweets up and away from your pets and their highly-tuned noses.
Costumes can be Scary
While Halloween is a great time to take advantage of dressing up your pooch, make sure he is comfortable in costume.  Many pets love the attention, but for some it can cause more stress than necessary.  Choose a costume that won't inhibit his ability to breathe, walk, or see, and be cognizant of any signs of stress.  Stay away from costumes that have small parts or pieces that can be chewed off easily.  We can help you find the right type of costume for your little pumpkin.  Just ask.
Ding Dong
Even the most well-adjusted pets can become stressed out by a sudden increase in the number of people in and out of the house, not to mention the constant ringing of a doorbell.  By knowing your pet's limitations and providing them with a safe, quiet space for them to retreat to during this time, you'll keep the stress-induced bad behaviors to a minimum.
Deck the Halls
With Halloween comes fall, and with fall comes decorations...sometimes LOTS of them.  Be sure to keep decorations safely out of reach, especially jack-o’-lanterns lighted by candles or electrical cords.  Pumpkins, hay, cornstalks and gourds all make great decorations at this time of year but can produce massive tummy upset or even intestinal blockage if ingested by pets.  
I'm Going to Need to See Some ID
With the swinging door that you'll greeting trick-or-treaters have on Halloween, it can be easy for your dog or cat to make a break for it. It's a good time to check your pets' collars to make sure their ID and rabies tags are up-to-date and secured safely.  If you don't have a good identification tag, let us help you get one ordered from a super-cool company like Red Dingo or Boomerang.
It doesn't take much to ensure that your pets have a safe and happy we all should!
If you run into an emergency situation, immediately call your veterinarian, emergency vet clinic, or the Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435.

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