Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So, I seem to be in a much better state of mind than I was in my last blog, as I've had activity on the website and a couple of orders! I am not trying to base my happiness on the almightly dollar, but business does pay the bills!

My hubby and I stopped by the bank just yesterday to open a joint checking account for bills and such. We've been married now almost two whole months and things like that have to be taken care's a long process to say the least. Anyway, we stopped off to say hello to the bank president and I got my courage up to ask for more money. Lo and behold he said yes! Again, happiness does not equal money, but it sure helps when you are at a standstill with your business! I now need to sit down and figure out how much of that green stuff I'm going to need...scary.

I've been stuck in the situation lately of running into crappy customer service. This just affirms the idea that I want to have the best customer service for my business. One problem I ran into was at the dry cleaners. They had my wedding dress for FIVE weeks before they called to tell me they didn't use the solution that had to be used to clean my particular dress! I was very unhappy about this, especially since I had called to check on it on several occasions AND had taken another item in! Seriously? I've been trying to get a hold of the owner to "discuss" this situation with him, but he has failed to return any of my calls...of course. What makes it even worse is that the dry cleaning business was originally started by my great-aunt and uncle and later sold when they retired. They built their entire business and reputation on customer service and this guy is pissing it away (pardon my French).

On a much lighter note, I went to the annual Bark in the Park event, held by our local humane society to raise funds ( It was so much fun and they had a great turnout! I was thrilled to be a part of it and hopefully I got my name out there. Several people came up and told me how much they loved my parents kennel and how they would never take their dogs anywhere to hear that kind of stuff! I gave out lots of free samples and tried to drum up business where I could. I wish we had more events like that in the area! A local bank is holding a similar event in a couple weeks...I hope I can make that one too!

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